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God's Entertainment

About God’s Entertainment 
The old Viennese performance collective God's Entertainment has been stirring up the public over the last years by their politically and socially charged performances and actions. By means of their radical approaches they search for new strong fields of tension in different social and cultural spaces, topics, structures and forms beyond theatrical conventions. Out of this artistic-social entanglement they create sharp edged social sculptures, often including the audience.

The collective who tries to transcendate conventions of theatre. GE works in the area of performance, happening, visual arts and sound. GE attempts permanently to re-define the term performance, and to equip it with relevance in relation to contemporary theatre and other media. Their work confronts Austria's political and cultural identity. This is permanently understood as criticism of a social surrounding in different areas and demonstrated in their works. GE don't only use the theatre stage as playground for performances - actions take place in public space. The most important point, characterizing most of their works, is the fact that they include the audience actively.