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A Kiss From The Children Of Eternal Rays

Open source life.
Re-inventing the self-made headshot.
Constantly changing identity to preserve a transitionary state.
a skype-chat, not so long ago:
Dennis de Bel: 01:38:36
    fuck harcore shit!
Dennis de Bel: 13:45:22
    see you see meee
Philipp Teister: 13:47:00
Dennis de Bel: 13:47:07
Philipp Teister: 13:47:41
    hat die Datei futurefluxus.gif an Teilnehmer in diesem Chat gesendet<files alt=""><file size="304618" index="0">futurefluxus.gif</file></files>
Dennis de Bel: 13:48:48
Philipp Teister: 13:49:25
Philipp Teister: 13:50:19
    i want to write 3 paragraphs of txt for it.
Philipp Teister: 13:51:58
    so this is for the website i guess.
Dennis de Bel: 13:52:17
    i love .gif
Philipp Teister: 13:52:23
    the end of it
Dennis de Bel: 13:52:44
Dennis de Bel: 13:53:07
    but it might be better to maken one or two packages with everything
Philipp Teister: 13:55:34
    anayway this should do it for now.
Dennis de Bel: 13:55:54
Philipp Teister: 13:56:48
    so.. .lets focus on the text for our work.
Dennis de Bel: 13:56:51
    so should we write somethng on: fluxus, perfomance, constructivism/desconstructivism, happening whatever
Philipp Teister: 13:57:41
    yeah .. a kind of  instruction or so... mayb we can take the text of an instruction of a beamer.
Dennis de Bel: 13:57:50
    posted file The_Fluxus_Reader_Ken_Friedman.pdf to members of this conversation<files alt=""><file size="790875" index="0">The_Fluxus_Reader_Ken_Friedman.pdf</file></files>
Philipp Teister: 13:59:41
Dennis de Bel: 13:59:57
Dennis de Bel: 14:00:00
    i loike your idea
Philipp Teister: 14:00:02
    we should focus on our own intentions and guidelines.
Dennis de Bel: 14:00:02
Philipp Teister: 14:00:27
    sample a instruction do some .txt bending(rewriting) shit.
Philipp Teister: 14:01:22
Dennis de Bel: 14:02:13
    thats cool, very fluxus (score)
Philipp Teister: 14:02:15
    we could actually just perform the switching on/off of a beamer.
Dennis de Bel: 14:02:22
Philipp Teister: 14:02:31
    you turn it on
Philipp Teister: 14:02:35
    i turn it off
Dennis de Bel: 14:02:45
    whoever wins
Philipp Teister: 14:02:45
Dennis de Bel: 14:02:47
Philipp Teister: 14:02:50
Philipp Teister: 14:02:54
    ping pong
Dennis de Bel: 14:03:42
    and the instructions should be beamed
Dennis de Bel: 14:04:09
Philipp Teister: 14:04:14
    good one.
Dennis de Bel: 14:05:09
    fkn hell where did you find this crapy website with the beamer instructions
Philipp Teister: 14:05:29
    dunno man... .i just have a magic browser
Dennis de Bel: 14:05:40
    austrian browser
Philipp Teister: 14:06:01
Dennis de Bel: 14:07:26
Dennis de Bel: 14:07:49
    "children of the eternal rays, it is time..."
Philipp Teister: 14:08:07
    yeah tahst goo. +d
Dennis de Bel: 14:08:10
    posted file P65 service manual-20070912.pdf to members of this conversation<files alt=""><file size="5635312" index="0">P65 service manual-20070912.pdf</file></files>
Philipp Teister: 14:09:10
    how do we call this piece?
Dennis de Bel: 14:09:15
    posted file Picture 72.png to members of this conversation<files alt=""><file size="148277" index="0">Picture 72.png</file></files>
Philipp Teister: 14:09:30
    children of eternal rays?
Dennis de Bel: 14:09:38
Philipp Teister: 14:09:45
    i like
Philipp Teister: 14:11:17
    a kiss from children of eternal rays
Dennis de Bel: 14:13:59
    future fuckups
Philipp Teister: 14:17:48
Dennis de Bel: 14:18:07
Dennis de Bel: 14:18:15
    well aimed
Dennis de Bel: 15:10:22
    posted file small1031939560.gif to members of this conversation<files alt=""><file size="48994" index="0">small1031939560.gif</file></files>
Philipp Teister: 15:12:33

    A Kiss From The Children Of Eternal Rays
Future Fuckups
Modifying the anti-historicist spirits through higher values of contemplation is a way that leads us directly through self-reflexive moments and seperated areas of perception.
Fluxus is depending on the use of environment. For a clean environment, we have to set a longer filter time. For a dirty environment, we have to set a shorter filter time.
Fluxus has a built-in interactive smart function for trouble shooting. It enablesis re-connecting or replacing of deep knowledge, passion or interest in one field of meaning.This will change the main concept of boring and dangerous artworks.
Fluxus can also be disassembeld into for 4 steps like video projector:
A example by De Bel/Teister: an important process, both are melting and mixing values to be attributed to a single cause. TAKING OUT THE OUTLET OF THE ARTISTIC ART MODULE.
The individual intersection of a process represented by them is being compressed into a single cause. An artisitic mode adjustment for operations of visual perception.
Philipp W. Teister
Philipp W. Teister is an artist based in Vienna and works in the fields of new media. He is using computer technologies as a tool to create videos, sound, installations and performances. He studied new media and video at the school of arts and design in Kassel. He works intensively in the transitional area between privacy and anonymity. As a visual artist Teister seeks to overcome the separation of these forms and genres of art by trying to endeavor a holistic artistic approach. He likes to intrude into other people`s lifes through the perception of his art and by revealing the abstruseness of pure social hacking. Since 2009 he`s head of videography at UBERMORGEN.COM and founding member of the Institute of Applied Theory He seperates with his views on the international privacy discourse with an anti-privacy counter statement. His favorite animals are horses and only God knows why.
Literal statements
PRIVACY: Philipp Teister aims to blow that tension wide open.“