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Biography Constant Dullaart
(NL 1979, Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Rijksakademie Amsterdam)
Trained as a video artist, his work has recently focussed on the Internet and re-contextualizing found material. Working as a so called ‘internet aware’, or ‘post internet’ artist, his work shows the changing vernacular of the contemporary computer user, and how global corporations (google, adobe, apple) control that new language.
In networked performances, curated salon evenings, photographic prints,  youtube videos, domain name works, blogposts, lectures, Dullaart finds a way to emphasize the value of changing international dominant (image) dialects. His works are widely seen and discussed online on blogs such as,,,,, etcetera, and his recently featured in the MetropolisM. Dullaart taught at the Rietveld academie, and (co)curated several events in Amsterdam, Berlin and New York, such as the periodically held Lost and Found evenings (with his final event in the New Museum), the Cyclus DVD for PARK4DTV / Mr Motley, “Contemporary Semantics Beta” in Arti et Amicitiae, and recently the exhibition “Versions” in NIMK. His work is shown internationally in places as the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Art in General and MWNM gallery in New York,ICA London, NIMK, de Appel, W139, the Stedelijk Museum, Ellen de Bruijne projects, and Gallery West. Dullaart lives / works in Berlin and Amsterdam.  In October 2010, Dullaart has been artist in  resident of Transforming Freedom in the MuseumsQuartier,  Vienna. One of the results was the first Public Interfacial Gesture Salon in Austria where new media artworks are uploaded online and premiered in a personal athmosphere.